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About Us

Chapter History: Chapter VA-O started in March 2000 as the Freedom Wings. Joe Dickson with several Gold Wingers in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia got together and initiated the Williamsburg Virginia chapter of GWRRA. The first Chapter Director was Felton “Fats” Bernard with Joe Dickson and Karrin Frankie serving as the Assistant Chapter Directors. “Fats” served as CD until moving to New York in 2005. Since 2000 the chapter has produced four Virginia District Couples (Joe and Nancy Defeumia 2003, Sam and Kathy Straughan 2005, Pat and Debbie Koehler 2009, Ray and Tammie Pierce 2012) and has grown steadily to become the outstanding chapter that we are today. 

Chapter Leadership: The current CD’s are Ray and Tammie Pierce. They LOVE to ride their Titanium 1800 Gold Wing and have logged over many thousands of miles on their Wing.

Chapter Activities: Chapter VA-O encourages its members to become involved in the Rider Education Program offered by GWRRA. Our Chapter Educator, Bill Lee, keeps us up to date with information and news on safe riding. 

This is an amazing chapter full of people that exemplify the GWRRA motto of “Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge.” Yearly we participate in Wing Ding, Virginia District Rally in the Valley, various events sponsored by other GWRRA chapters, the Williamsburg Parade, the Denbigh Days Parade, the Gloucester Parade, the Smithfield Holiday Parade, and Tuesday night (May through September) ice cream rides. We take a several weekend rides to various scenic areas in Virginia and North Carolina plus participating in many of the other local GWRRA events. Yearly we have a bike clinic to allow our members time to put on all that “safety” chrome and other accessories that every Gold Winger needs. If you like to ride, come join us. 

Chapter Members: Our members geographically come from all areas of Hampton Roads. Additionally, we have members residing outside our district. VA-O members are a diverse group of individuals that have been brought together by one common love: riding. We primarily ride Gold Wings but All bikes are welcome.

Chapter Gathering Location: Our monthly meeting is currently held at Hibachi Grill and Sushi Buffet, 12745 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA. This gathering is held on the fourth Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. Come at 4 p.m. to dine.